Can't I just file the forms on my own?

Yes, actually you can. Though many times this involves much more of your time than you anticipate.

Does CDC work with companies or individuals?

We work with both employers with individuals.

Are there any types of cases that you cannot help with?

Yes, because we are not Lawyers, WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE OR ACCEPT FEES FOR LEGAL ADVICE. We cannot represent anyone in the immigration process, procedings or court. We do have very professional Immigration Lawyers who we can refer you to for this type of expertise.

Do you offer any type of payment plans?

Yes, we can work out a suitable payment plan to satisfy most clients who require it. We also can take Visa & Mastercard for your convenience.

Take advantage of CDC for transferring and/or hiring your employees.

Leverage CDC in your US Investment Immigration process.

Experience both a timely and cost-effective process with our Positively Outrageous Service!

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